History of team members

The Autonio founding team was formed in the Summer of 2017. After assembling a web-based demo of the live trading platform, the NIO utility token was launched by the team in October of that year. Since then, Autonio has grown to a community of more than 6000 members, a team of 15 people.

Active members

Ali Raheman

Inherited a passion for science, medicine, invention and acquired a taste for entrepreneurship and product designing. Driven with special interest in problem solving, interacting and working with people on sustainable solutions.

Adlin Ho

She’s a young scholar passionate about building sustainable solutions to empower society. Has previously co-founded and worked as the head of operations at a successful project management firm.

Ikram Ansari

He’s an engineer currently pursuing his masters in AI. He has the experieince of managing a team of over 15 members and has sucesfully managed software development projects worth over a million dollars.

Parth Darji

Parth is an experienced and accomplished development lead with over a decade of programming experience. His passion for software development has resulted in one of his projects being funded by BoostVC.

Musheer Ahmed

Software developer with a strong mix of skills, in the areas of blockchain, database, and data structures.

Rahul Pipaliya

He’s a software engineer with over 5 years of programming experience. He has keen interest in decentralized solutions and is pursuing his masters in AI and cybersecurity. He leads the decentralized exchange dev team

Rijas Usman

A people’s person, Rijas is our chinese marketing team representative. He has lived in china and worked with chinese businesses for over 5 years now. He brings much needed communication and marketing skills for the chinese market.

Tobias Kirmes

Tobias is a communication expert, adored by our community providing assistance to all new and old members alike.

Pavan Reddy

He has an interest and background in corporate finance serving as the CFO at trimark technologies. Under his management companies have seen rapid growth due to his financial planning skills.

Shubham Katole

Shubham is a developer with over 2 years experience in programming in JavaScript, PHP, Codeigniter framework, MySQL, Angular.

Danielle Bell

Danielle Bell is an experienced public relations representative and has extensive experience in brand marketing and corporate relations.

David Bell

David Bell is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts have carried multiple companies.

Sravan Kumar

Sravan has extensive experience in internet marketing and Forex trading. He has worked with many startups as an SEO consultant.


Rajat Lonare

Rajat has worked as a Project Manager and Lead Developer for various blockchain startup projects.

Loïc Arnould

Loïc is a strategic design consultant. He has been designing for more than 10 years, working to optimize branding, UI/UX.

Bryan McGurk

Bryan is writer, consultant, and trader with experience in both in the non-profit sector and legacy market trading.

Manuel Flores

An international business developer and social engineer, Manuel specializes in strategic management & digital rhetoric.

Past Collaborators

Jordan Pool

Jordan brings a lengthy background in live television, digital media production and creative marketing to the team.

Michael Morton

Michael Morton is a rebellious philosopher & Blockchain Entrepreneur. He’s the founder of GNEISS, and Morton Bitcoin Management.

Rishi Raj

Rishi has extensive experience in Indian and American securities markets: advising listed companies, investors and intermediaries.

Erik Isbrandt

Erik is self-taught digital marketer & growth hacker who has successfully operated many of his own online ventures since age 14.


Alex Altman

Alex is the co-founder and COO of Stratx. He is a leader in the Canadian cryptocurrency space, with over five years working in higher management positions

Luke Wagman

He was the Chief Evangelist and Chief Content Officer at CoinMarketCap. He built the team responsible for evaluating all the coins/tokens and exchanges alongside spearheading several business development initiatives.

Michael Horowitz

Michael is co-founder and CEO of Stratx. He is also the founder and General Partner of Chaintech Digital.

Stan Larimer

Stan Larimer has over forty years of experience in software, hardware, systems engineering, program management, business development.