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Autonio Foundation

After creating the first decentralized algorithmic trading terminal, the Foundation is taking steps in realizing its Crowdocractic values by evolving into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and an open source trading terminal.

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Autonio Trading Terminal

The AutoNIO Trading Terminal is a decentralized application that opens access to algorithmic trading techniques on the market's top cryptocurrency exchanges. Build, buy or sell intelligent trading algorithms with a user-friendly interface.

Autonio's Top Features


No Deposits

You only connect your exchange account through APIs, your funds remain in exchange's wallet.


Network scalability

Autonio Trading Terminal is scalable and can support multiple instances running different or same algorithms at the same time.


Low Cost

Giving access to a powerful trading platform at the lowest cost.



User's private data remains under user's control, users can export, remove or edit their private data.

Our Partners

NIO Suite


1. Autonio

NIO Trading Terminal
Algo Trading & Market Making
Algo Marketplace


2. NIOdex

NIO Smartdex
Integrated Market Making
AI & ML Features


3. NIOnet

NIO Neural Network
Sentiment Analysis
AI & ML Features

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You are welcome to join our community of like-minded people, all working towards a common vision to democratize trading tools.