About Us

Autonio Foundation is a UK-based non profit organization established in December 2018. The new face and brand of the organization is focussed on transparency, distribution of power, equitable and incentivized sharing at its core.

Our Mission

Autonio was founded on the belief that professional quality financial tools should be democratized and not concentrated in the hands of banks or professional trading agencies. One of the most important attributes of cryptocurrency is its ability to give people the control over their own assets and finances while NIO Suite developed by Autonio Foundation aim to better enable investors & traders to navigate the crypto markets with profitability, privacy and ease.

Our Vision

To build a prosperous community around algorithmic trading. Autonio Foundation aims to bring together the advanced traders and the novice traders, creating a dual-pronged ecosystem for sharing trading intelligence. The complementary functions of the NIOX tokens enable a myriad of exciting platform opportunities, allowing individuals to gain exposure to the entire trading economy in a manner that is both collaborative and mutually beneficial

Our Values

We aim to improve your life by creating autonomous systems for the ultimate crypto-trading experience. We value Sharing Economy, Prosperism, Crowdocracy

The Sharonomics Economy

A new branch of knowledge concerned with the production, distribution and consumption of wealth based on incentivised and equitable sharing of tangible or intangible assets with peers in an automated decentralized ecosystem.


Prosperism is a decentralized zero-loss ecosystem for generation and spreading of wealth based on incentivized and equitable sharing of assets between peers according to their haves or needs, without taxing the economy. Prosperism, a radical take on economics of wealth generation and distribution, is entirely based on science and technology. Although it may have as much socio-economic relevance as any other “ism,” it has evolved to become a scientifically provable phenomenon, which can be clearly and precisely defined. The definition of Prosperism can be broken down into five elements: Decentralized zero-loss ecosystem (that includes zero-loss trading and zero-loss financing); for democratizing the generation and spreading of wealth; based on incentivized and equitable sharing of assets between peers; according to their haves or needs; without taxing the economy.


  • Zero central control
  • Collective intelligence
  • No diktats
  • Freedom of choice
  • Collective disruption
  • Transparency
  • Privacy
  • Rating peers
  • Decentralized justice
  • Volunteering

The Autonio Foundation is launching the NIO Suite to address the technical complexity, secrecy and exclusivity found in existing trading services. The NIO Suite provides a foundational toolset for the cryptocurrency trading industry. It bundles the three most widely used components for effective cryptocurrency trading into one integrated platform, which will be available for free to anyone with an internet connection. The NIO Suite has been carefully designed to democratize access to cryptocurrency trading whilst strictly adhering to the ideology of Prosperism: the belief in spreading wealth based on incentivized and equitable sharing of assets. The NIO Suite’s democratic governance structure ensures that individuals will have a say in the future development of NIO infrastructure, ensuring that platform development will never be controlled by the self-interest of a single, powerful party.The NIO Suite’s flagship service is AutoNIO, an AI-based trading terminal that grants open access to algorithmic trading opportunities. It allows users to learn about, build, deploy and buy/sell intelligent trading algorithms and run market makers through a single user friendly interface. AutoNIO was created to allow any trader, beginner or advanced to benefit from the unemotional, algorithmic, programmatic, marketable services of a locally deployed tool that is 100% decentralized, as secure as your entire system, robust and free to use through a Hold-to-Use licensing system. In addition, the Autonio Foundation is launching a sentiment analysis tool and a smart decentralized exchange, called NIOnet and NIOdex, respectively, in order to provide traders of all backgrounds the resources for due diligence, security and liquidity.
The NIO Decentralized Exchange (NIOdex) is a smartdex, or intelligent blockchain decentralized exchange designed for secure, peer-to-peer trading.The NIOdex was created to solve four of the biggest issues associated with decentralized exchanges: high latency, high network costs, low volume and low liquidity. It allows users to reliably trade cryptocurrency with minimal friction. NIOdex was created as a sandbox for traders to test, learn and trade cryptocurrency with increased security and a highly-intuitive user experience.With the NIOdex you can not only trade cryptocurrencies and tokens, but its AI market sentiment analysis tool will also tell you which token would be better to trade. It can give you suggestions, alerts, advice and anything else that you can use while making your trades. Also, in the future it will have an AI-based “genetic” algorithm, meaning your automated trading algorithms will get smarter & better over time! The NIOdex features an integrated decentralized market making module. You can set your own strategy and offer liquidity to the market, while you earn from the spread. As a secondary source of liquidity, the NIOdex will plug into the 0x Protocol. The market making module and the 0x integration combined make NIOdex a powerhouse for liquidity.
DEMOCRATIZING ACCESS TO ALGORITHMIC TRADING Today, many inexperienced traders are seeking to engage in algorithmic trading as a market opportunity. However, very few are technically capable of deploying their own algorithms. Knowledgeable traders are getting richer, while those with less experience are left playing catch-up. Using the AutoNIO platform, traders of all backgrounds are able to run complex cryptocurrency trading algorithms with zero prior development knowledge needed . Algorithms can be deployed on several different exchanges 24 hours a day, and the only limitations on the maximum number of instances and trading pairs is the capabilities of the user’s machine. Those users that encounter difficulty in realizing returns after deploying AutoNIO algorithms will be able to seek out expert assistance, mimic other top traders and purchase better algorithms - without needing to understand their technical underpinnings. IMPROVING UX FOR ADVANCED TRADERS Many advanced cryptocurrency traders must conduct hours of sentiment analysis using infrastructure that is ragged, inefficient and inaccurate. Using NIOnet, trading experts will be able to conduct thorough, AI-driven analysis across Google Search and other social media platforms with the click of a button – saving hours of labour and frustration. With NIOnet’s direct integration into the AutoNIO platform, users will be able to execute trades based on sentiment analysis immediately across a number of exchanges, saving additional time spent placing and confirming orders. Trading experts looking to trade high volumes securely and inexpensively will be able to do so directly through the NIOdex. Traders will additionally be able to refer others into the NIO Suite, earning referral fees if their referees register and begin using our trading platforms. ADDING LIQUIDITY TO CRYPTO EXCHANGES Crypto exchanges outside of the NIO Suite that are looking to add liquidity to their markets can do so through integration with AutoNIO . AutoNIO’s user base and algorithmic trading capabilities add a strong influx in orders on any desired trading pair; thereby removing some of the volatility from exchanges. In the future, the launch of an AutoNIO market maker on each exchange will provide exchanges with orders on either side of the market that can be executed upon by exchange users. This enhances user experience and mitigates the risk associated with low volume.